Understand your subscription revenue better, so you can increase it faster

Chiffer is the first subscription intelligence platform that empowers finance teams to get real-time snapshots of how their subscription business is performing
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Does this sound like you?

We do all of this in spreadsheets now, and it’s really tedious. We recently found a few mistakes and were mortified that we had to restate significantly corrected revenue numbers to the board. We need something like Chiffer.
Director of Operations
~$10M ARR company
We’ve used Salesforce for everything since our founding, but of course it’s not set up to do financial analyses. So, every time I need to do a cohort analysis, my team downloads data from Salesforce and spends a week putting it together. Need to look at a slightly different cut? Another week.
VP of Product Strategy
~$500M ARR company
It’s totally ridiculous that every SaaS company has to reinvent the wheel when it comes to SaaS metrics. It’s usually a multi-year, extremely expensive journey. I previously hired a team of data engineers and PMs just to do this, and it would break all the time.
Head of FP&A
~$100M ARR company
Chiffer lets finance teams get real-time snapshots of how their subscription business is performing2
Ilona Herder
Chiffer lets finance teams get real-time snapshots of how their subscription business is performing3
Ilona Herder

How it works

Chiffer creates your "source of truth" database

CRM: Salesforce, Stripe, Internal Database

Invoicing/Billing: Stripe, Quickbooks

General Ledger: Quickbooks, Netsuite, Xero

Analytics: Segment

Get critical metrics you need to grow your business

All your subscription metrics, calculated automatically, instantly, and at your fingertips. LTV, CAC, NRR, GRR, ARPA, Magic Number, Payback Period, and more

Understand your customer cohorts:

Getting insight into cohorted behavior is key to building a successful subscription business. With Chiffer you can change what you're cohorting on with the click of a button - revenue, pilots, trials, anything

Built for Strategic
Finance teams

Chiffer is built to help finance teams get more accurate revenue data, faster, way in-depth, and with a lot less effort.

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Designed with your security in mind

Your data is powerful — and no one should access it without your permission. For that reason, our information security practices are designed to meet or exceed industry standards.

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