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Our mission
Empower you with the data you need (and the data you wish you had) to supercharge your subscription business!

Why Chiffer, Why Now?

A note from our CEO and Founder

I'm so energized by this opportunity to build you something that I wish I had when I was growing and running my SaaS company. I understand this problem deeply because I’ve lived it!

As the CEO and de-facto CFO of Freckle Education, my leadership team and I invested tons of time, money, and mental energy in heavily tracking key metrics critical to our product roadmap, sales strategy, and board reporting. Critical metrics took forever to prepare, and due to the manual methods, there were still occasional mistakes.

Our team's mission is to empower you with subscription intelligence so you waste less time hunting down data and more time making data-driven decisions to grow your company!

Sidharth Kakkar

CEO Chiffer

Who supports Chiffer

Backed by founders and executives at leading
subscription companies.

How We Work

The world's best talent is distributed globally, and so are we - we're a company founded in San Francisco, but with a team based all around the globe. Across our various timezones, cultures, and geographic distance, there is definitely one common thread among us: We are passionate about helping analytically-minded leaders use insights to succeed and grow their subscription businesses.

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